Highly Effective yet Affordable SEO Services


The fact that you are here shows that you are not satisfied with the ranking of your business website and the number of visitors you are receiving on it. You are aware of the crucial importance of SEO but not getting the desired results. Search Engine Optimization, when done properly, can achieve wonders for your business by improving the visibility of your website for your target group of customers. It can also help in bringing more organic traffic and higher conversions to increase your sales and profits.

Promanage IT Solutions is the leading SEO Company delivering desired results to its clients consistently. We have a team of experienced SEO experts that has complete knowledge of the latest SEO tools and techniques. We don’t promise the moon to our clients but we certainly bring the smile back on their faces through our efforts that bear fruits in a matter of just a few weeks.


Reasons why clients need our highly effective SEO services


  • Their potential customers don’t see their websites when searching for products and services similar to what they are promoting
  • The number of visitors to the website has decreased, become stagnant, or it is not improving
  • They are receiving fewer numbers of calls and leads
  • They have just started a business and want to attract large numbers of customers

You are most welcome to Promanage IT Solutions if you are experiencing any of these symptoms and require help and assistance from those who know all about SEO. We are the leaders when it comes to SEO and a huge client base that keeps coming back to us for their requirements is a testimony to the efficacy of our services.  Our experts know what Google and other search engines are looking for in a website. We can optimize your website to make it friendlier to the search engines.


What our clients are saying about our service

Many SEO companies are operating on the web these days and all of them claim to be the best in business. It can be overwhelming for any ordinary client to get down to the company that is perfect for his requirements. But you can easily avoid poor quality service providers if you do some research on Google, Facebook, and Clutch. You will find out what our clients are saying about us by reading their reviews and testimonials left behind on Google and Facebook.


We become silent partners in the growth of client’s business

At Promanage IT Solutions, we have a single-point agenda of helping our clients in their endeavor to grow and expand their business. You know your business well but we know how to leverage the potential of SEO to make your website highly visible on Google. Our experts can increase your brand awareness and bring more visitors to your website. Promanage IT Solutions has been playing a role of a silent partner in the growth and success of hundreds of its clients in diverse industries.


See how we have helped our clients in realizing their goals


E-commerce portals- Increased sales and revenues, much-increased website traffic

Businesses of all kinds- Manifold increase in the number of leads, higher traffic on the website

Service providers- Increased number of leads, higher numbers of visitors

Become more visible to your customers with our SEO service

The fact that you are here means you are not happy with the visibility of your website and the number of visitors you are receiving on it. You are losing out to your competitors just because your EO efforts are not showing results. Don’t let your competitors steal your customers under your nose. There is no need to worry as we can change the situation completely in a quick time so that you get more leads, calls, visitors, and sales. We will achieve your business goals of higher sales and profits through our knowledge of SEO.


Wide-ranging SEO services

Careful selection and use of keywords

Keywords play a crucial role in attracting potential customers to your website. At Promanage IT Solutions, we have SEO experts who understand the nature of the business of the client and the relevant keywords that people are using to search for products and services promoted by you. These experts carry out keyword research and formulate a strategy to include high-ranking keywords.


Outbound and inbound links

Do you know that Google looks at the network of links coming and going out of your website to make a decision on your popularity? Our experts arrange inbound links from high authority websites for you to tell Google how popular and important your business is. Promanage IT Solutions has connections in your industry that are used to secure important links for your website.


Backend SEO

There are many technical aspects of a website that Google is interested in. We work upon the load speed of your website to make it a fast opening site  for your visitors. Our SEO experts have complete knowledge about technical SEO and fix all issues to make sure that search engines are happy and satisfied when throwing search results in the browser of the customers.


Local SEO

Do you think you have saturated the area where your business is located in? You will be surprised to know that more than 65% of the people in your area search for products and services online before they decide in favor of a business. We can do wonders for local SEO by making good use of Google My Business listing. Our experts can optimize this listing to attract organic traffic to your website.


On-page and off-page SEO

On-page SEO involves optimization of every page in your website through title tags, meta tags, good quality images, and video clips. Off-page SEO is all about your online marketing efforts to create brand awareness and developing a positive image of your business. Our experts carry out social media marketing to create a buzz about your business.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a highly effective technique of SEO that increases organic traffic to your website. We have wonderful writers in our SEO team who can write optimized blogs and articles for your website. Google can smell fresh and original content and it gives a higher ranking to a website where it finds good quality content that is useful for the customers.


Ecommerce SEO

SEO of a website that is an online shop is a little different from other websites. Our experts work upon the pleasing shopping experience and by making shopping more convenient for your customers. Most customers buy products using their smartphones and we make your website mobile-friendly by adding the feature of voice search.

Optimization of conversion rate

Also called CRO, conversion rate refers to the percentage of visitors who actually buy from your website. We can use pay per click from Google to increase the conversion rate of your customers. Other important tools of CRO are A/B split testing and optimization of the landing page. Through our SEO efforts, you will find the conversion rate of your visitors increasing.


Selling on Amazon? Here is what we can do for you

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform but to be able to leverage its true potential, you need to get Amazon SEO done so that customers search for you and see you on this platform. At Promanage IT Solutions, we have Amazon SEO experts who can optimize your listings, ads, and marketing efforts to increase your sales and profits.


SEO for Shopify

If you are on Shopify, we will optimize your presence so that you can reach out to larger numbers of customers. Our experts can make the shopping experience of your visitors more rewarding through Shopify SEO which includes paid advertising, web designing for Shopify, and SEO audit.


Franchise SEO

If you are running your business in several locations as the franchise of a chain, we can improve your marketing efforts through our Franchise SEO. Our SEO experts can improve your brand awareness to increase your traffic and sales.

Our results speak louder than words

We can go about boasting our SEO efforts using thousands of words but what matters for a client are the results our efforts achieve for his business and website. In a short time, we have brought more than 50 million visitors in the form of organic traffic, nearly 5 million leads, and suggested more than 15 thousand keywords to increase the sales and profits for our customers. We are interested in forging long-term relationships based upon mutual trust and friendship. Our results compel our clients to keep coming back to us for their new projects and they also recommend our SEO services to their friends.


Why Promanage IT Solutions is the leader in the world of SEO

Promanage IT Solutions has carved a niche for itself as the market leader in SEO. There are many reasons why business owners turn to us whenever they are desirous of improving their visibility on the web.


The most experienced player in SEO

Experience matters in any industry and SEO is no exception. Promanage IT Solutions has tons of experience in helping its clients in diverse industries to have a strong online presence. No matter what the size and nature of your business, we have SEO experts who can help in realizing your business goals with their knowledge of SEO tools and techniques.


We are getting better with the passage of time

Like old wine and rice, we have mastered the art and science of SEO over a period of time. Our SEO experts have perfected the craft of SEO and they have a full understanding of the changing Google algorithms. We understand that SEO is not a magic wand to achieve the desired results overnight. It is a continuous process that takes time to deliver. But we do it right and this is why are able to achieve the goals of the client.


We understand the unique nature of business

Every business is unique in terms of its SEO needs. Our SEO experts study the size and nature of the client’s business to devise the right SEO strategy. Once we have understood the business and the unique needs of the client, we are able to move in the right direction. We have clients in all industries and we work with businesses of all sizes.


We believe in fair play and ethical SEO

There are companies in this field that claim to produce magical results within a few days. They usually employ black hat SEO tools and techniques that can invite harsh penalties from Google in the future. We have a firm belief in adopting only white hat SEO tools and techniques that may be slow in producing results but they never bring any harm to the business of the client.


Totally transparent dealings

We never make false promises to our clients. We always keep them in the loop so that they are aware of our SEO efforts and the results that they are achieving. We provide regular reports to our clients so that they can make an honest assessment of our SEO efforts. They can check not just the ranking of their site but also the performance of the keywords selected for them any time they so desire. We also have a monthly meeting with the client to make an appraisal of our SEO efforts and to make any necessary changes in our strategy if required.

Our Satisfied Clients

List of services provided by Promanage IT Solutions


We provide a comprehensive range of high-quality SEO services to our clients in all industries irrespective of the size and nature of business. These services are reliable and search engine friendly aimed at improving the visibility of the website of the client.

Custom SEO service- There is no single formula of SEO for all clients. We analyze the business of the client and devise SEO strategy according to the needs and goals of the client’s business.

Keyword selection- We search for the right and most popular keywords based upon searches on Google to drive a higher amount of organic traffic to the client’s website.

Onsite SEO

Our SEO experts optimize every single page of the website including titles, headlines, meta descriptions, links, and even images to catch the attention of various search engines. We arrange inbound links from high-authority websites to tell Google that your website is valued in your chosen niche.

Content SEO- Original and quality content can do wonders for search engines and your potential customers. Our expert writers create unique and meaningful content to attract Google and your potential customers. We share quality articles on social media and listing directories to help you reach out to a wider audience.

Competition analysis- Google gives a level playing field to everyone. Our SEO experts keep an eye on the keywords used by your competitors and other SEO techniques used by them. This analysis gives us an insight into their approach and we think of ways to stay two steps ahead of them.

PPC and paid advertising- If you want quicker results, our SEO experts can create a perfect PPC and paid marketing strategy to drive  a higher amount of organic traffic to your website.


Dynamic SEO from Promanage IT Solutions

The landscape of SEO is constantly changing and evolving because of changing needs of the customers and the changes introduced by Google algorithms. This is the reason why you need to hire the services of Promanage IT Solutions. We keep an eye on all these changes and update our strategies to make sure that our clients achieve their desired goals.


We are customer centric and always keep the needs of their business as our top-most priority. This is how we are able to deliver on the promises made by us. Our ethical and white hat SEO techniques are result-oriented, effective, and high-quality. Our dynamic SEO strategy consists of the following components.


  1.     Study of business

Our SEO experts first study the nature of the business of the client, his needs, and goals. They study the current SEO efforts, keyword utilization, and key performance indicators. This is how we gather information about the business and proceed to devise the right SEO strategy for the client.

  1.     In-depth analysis

Our SEO experts carry out an in-depth analysis of the business website of the client. We look at the traffic data, technical SEO, linking strategy, and all other factors that affect the online presence of the business. It becomes easier for us to create a suitable SEO strategy based upon the shortcomings we find.

  1.     Short and long term strategy

Based upon our study and analysis, we create a 60 day SEO strategy and a marketing plan for the business of the client. Evaluation of this strategy is done at the end of this period to see if our SEO efforts are bringing the desired results or not. It is on the basis of this evaluation that a long-term SEO strategy is prepared.

  1.     Result tracking

We have a clear result tracking program that allows us to measure the improvement in all metrics upon which SEO efforts have been implemented. We can monitor the progress of your website on various parameters like keywords, analytics, traffic, bounce rate, and conversion to make necessary changes in our SEO strategy whenever needed.

  1.     Reporting

Reporting is the most crucial component of our SEO service. Our project managers provide monthly reports to clients to keep them updated with our efforts and improvements in the performance of their websites. You can keep track of the traffic and the search engine ranking of your website to know the overall efficacy of our SEO service.

  1.     Syncing with Google algorithms

Google is the most important search engine for traffic. It continuously introduces changes in its search algorithms that necessitate changes in SEO strategy and its execution. Our SEO experts are always in touch with these algorithms and adjust our SEO strategies accordingly to make sure that the business of the client does not suffer adversely.


Why Promanage IT Solutions is the best choice?

At Promanage IT Solutions, we believe that honesty is the best policy that pays rich dividends in the long run. We do not promise the moon to the client which is what other SEO companies do. We do what we know best and deliver the desired results to the client. Our aim is to get a higher search engine ranking, higher organic traffic, and increased leads and sales for the client.

Why you should consider SEO as an investment into your business

Search engine optimization is the best way to improve the reach of your business and its visibility n the web. If you want higher sales and profits, there is no way other than SEO to attract Google and your potential customers. Many clients consider expenses on SEO as a waste. You should think of these expenses as an investment into your business that bears fruits in the long run.

When SEO is done in the right manner, it helps in increasing the ranking of your website and also the number of visitors to it. Promanage IT Solutions is the leader in the world of SEO. We have spent years perfecting the art and science of SEO. If SEO is a tool for the growth of your business, it is our lifeline. This is the reason why large numbers of business owners choose us as their partners in their endeavor to have a stronger and more meaningful presence on the web.