A quick and effective way of attracting leads and gaining brand exposure

 Are you not ready to wait for some time to allow SEO to show the desired results in terms of visibility and improved organic traffic? If yes, then Pay-Per-Click by Google is a wonderful way of getting instant exposure in front of your customers. Utilize the highly effective PPC service from Promanage IT Solutions to get organic traffic instantly to your website to increase your sales.

PPC is a great example of paid advertising

In the wake of growing competition, it can be a challenge for new and growing businesses to compete with established players in their niche. Online advertising has become expensive and many individuals block advertisements to prevent businesses to advertise their products in front of them. Even social media advertising has become very expensive in present times. Pay-Per-Click is a form of paid advertising where Google throws your URL in the browsers of the individuals searching for products and services similar to yours.

Which one is better for marketing, SEO or PPC?

Businesses today have the option of either waiting for SEO efforts to bear fruits or make use of PPC to reach out to their target groups of customers.  In the long run, SEO is decidedly a better option though many business owners do not have the patience to wait for a few months to see an increase in their search engine rankings. For such customers, Promanage IT Solutions provides its wonderful PPC services. Through our PPC service, clients are able to receive much higher organic traffic and higher conversions on their websites without waiting for several months. SEO is the traditional approach to marketing and it delivers desired results in some time. But if you don’t have time to wait for visitors to your website, PPC proves to be a fantastic way of reaching out to an exponential numbers of potential customers interested in your products and services.


Tap the potential of PPC marketing with Promanage IT Solutions

Promanage IT Solutions is a leader in the field of PPC with a team of highly experienced marketing experts to provide totally customized paid advertising services to clients. We have mastered the art of PPC to give maximum ROI to our customers. If you are undecided on whether PPC is the right form of paid advertising for your business, we can help and guide you to leverage the potential of this form of paid advertising to achieve your goals of higher traffic and brand awareness.


Understanding the process of paid advertising called PPC

Before we come to PPC, it would be worthwhile to know that nearly 80% of new and small businesses find paid advertising a good way to reach out to their target group of customers. More than 60% of these businesses have said that they would continue to spend money on paid advertising simultaneously with their SEO efforts. If we go by figures, more than $10 billion were spent by 7 million businesses on paid advertising in 2017. Like these clever businesses, you too can make use of PPC to get a high ROI.


PPC is a kind of paid advertising where you pay only when your URL gets a click from a user. This is the reason why it is called Pay-Per-Click. Even though it was started by Google, PPC models are being used by many social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. PPC allows the advertiser to place his ad in front of his target audience to increase the chances of getting a click. For example, if you are selling shoes, you can direct Google to show your URL only when someone searches for footwear in his browser. There are many types of PPC ads and our marketing experts can choose the right model for you to maximize your return on investment.


Search advertising

It is the most basic form of PPC where users see your ad in their search results thrown in their browser. The user is already interested in the products or services promoted by you, and the likelihood of getting a click on your URL is quite high. We recommend this type of paid advertising to clients who want instant results from their online marketing efforts. If you are mostly dependent on traffic from search engines, this type of PPC is for you.


Display advertising

Display advertising is nothing but the use of graphics in the form of banners that are shown to your target group of customers on various websites. Google uses these ads to catch the attention of potential customers when he is browsing on the web. This type of PPC is useful for businesses having lengthy sales cycles and those who sell luxury goods.


Social advertising

If your customers spend a lot of time on social media, social advertising is a good way to reach out to them using PPC. You can choose the particular social media platform to show your ad to your potential customers based upon their hobbies and interests.


Shopping advertising

This type of PPC is useful for businesses that want to catch the attention of their potential customers when they are trying to visit shopping online destinations. The intention is to compel them to take a look at the goods sold by the business of the client and their prices to become tempted and click on his URL. Shopping ads have a higher chance of getting clicked than normal Google search ads as the customer is already interested in the products being promoted by the client. Promanage IT Solution PPC experts recommend this form of PPC to its clients running online shopping portals.


Remarketing advertising

This type of PPC marketing is aimed at targeting customers who have already visited the website of the client previously. It is done to remind the customer about your products and services in order to encourage him to revisit your website. It is a highly cost-effective form of PPC as it is relatively cheaper and promises a high return on investment.

In-stream advertising

These types of PPC ads are shown when people are searching for their video clips on YouTube. These ads have increased in popularity in recent times as they allow clients to give useful and relevant information to the target group of customers when they are watching YouTube. You can expect a high return on investment if the customer clicks on your ad when it is shown to him during breaks in YouTube videos.


Amazon advertising

Amazon is the largest online e-commerce platform visited by millions of men and women on a daily basis. You can increase your brand awareness and also bring organic traffic to your website by using this kind of PPC marketing.  PPC experts at Promanage IT Solutions can create a perfect Amazon PPC advertising campaign for your business keeping in mind your business needs and your target group of customers.



GSP refers to Gmail Sponsored Promotions and it allows the client to directly target leads by reaching their email inbox. This type of PPC gives customers the ability to directly call the business that is being promoted to get relevant information. This is the reason why many businesses are turning to this kind of PPC marketing as they feel they can increase their conversion rates by convincing the clients on a phone call.

Local service advertising

Local service ads are a very attractive proposition to service providers like electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and general contractors. The client doesn’t have to pay for a click on his URL until it turns into a lead. At Promanage IT Solutions, we can provide customized local service marketing solutions to local service providers to get more leads in a very cost-effective manner.


The working principle behind PPC marketing

Pay-Per-Click is a marketing technique where the advertiser is charged on the basis of his keyword selection. Keywords are assigned a value depending upon their search volume. It means that more the number of advertisers choosing a particular keyword for their marketing campaign, the higher its price charged by Google Adwords and other platforms. Also, there are limited slots for business on the Google search results page, making it more expensive than other platforms. If you are interested in Google search advertising, you have no option but to compete with others to get a chance for your ad to be shown to your target group of customers.


If you do not have the time or the ability to create a PPC marketing strategy for your business, you can leave it to the PPC experts at Promanage IT Solutions. You need a high ‘Quality Score’ to make sure that your ads on Google search results bring a high click-through rate. We can do it for you by choosing the best possible keywords and by targeting the right audience searching for products and services sold by you. Our experts can create a PPC campaign for you that will bring higher numbers of leads and click-through to maximize your return on investment.


Why PPC is such a wonderful tool for the marketing of your business?

Many people think that paying money to attract visitors to your website is not a good idea as it reduces the profit margins because of a poor conversion rate. The thing to understand is that it is a powerful technique to reach out to individuals who are already interested in products or services sold by you. It is a wonderful way to get traffic and increase sales of a business that is not prepared for SEO to show the desired results. Here are some of the most important benefits of PPC for a business.


Gives a level playing field

If you have just started a business or do not have the resources to spend money on advertising like big players in your chosen niche, PPC gives you an opportunity to get exposure to your target group of customers very easily. By using the services of PPC experts at Promanage IT Solutions, you can get a level playing field on Google to compete with established brands in your field.


Gets exposure for your brand instantly

If you depend on SEO or word of mouth, it will take a long time to improve the visibility of your business on the web. But when you make use of PPC, your ad is in front of your target group of customers instantly. There is no other method of online marketing that is so fast and effective in reaching out to an exponential number of potential customers. Your brand gets noticed by your prospects and you can hope to receive a large number of leads with the help of PPC.


Targeted promotion

PPC is a type of marketing that allows you to show your ads to your potential customers based upon their search activities and online behavior. You can target customers who are already interested in buying products and services similar to the ones you are trying to sell. PPC is also capable of focusing upon customers based upon their gender, professions, and age groups.


Quickest results

There is no other method of marketing that delivers fast results as PPC does. You can start seeing the results of the PPC campaign set by the experts at Promanage IT Solutions overnight. However, you need to be patient as clicks on your URL don’t turn into conversions and you may have to wait for a period of 2-3 months to see the desired results.


Cost-effective online marketing technique

If you do not have the money to compete with others on the online promotion of your business, PPC proves to be a wonderful technique to get exponential exposure for your business in a quick time. It is very cost-effective in the quick manner in which you can introduce your brand in front of the target group of customers. Many businesses continue with PPC even after they have begun to see improved visibility in the ranking of their website through SEO.

Allows experimentation

A/B split testing is allowed with PPC to give you an idea of which version of your PPC campaign is producing better results. PPC experts at Promanage IT Solutions can come up with different versions of your PPC campaign and test them to choose the version that attracts higher numbers of leads, calls, and visits to your website.


Increased organic traffic instantly

If you have started a new business and no one knows about it because you have not carried out its promotion, you can still expect large numbers of visitors to your website by using PPC marketing. This is the power and potential of PPC that sends interested visitors to your website to increase the chances of their conversion.


Measurable and scalable campaign

PPC marketing campaigns are always measurable to make sure there is no guesswork in tracking different performance indicators. You can see not only the number of impressions but also the clicks on your URL as well as the percentage of conversions to check the efficacy of the campaign. PPC is also a highly scalable marketing technique that allows you to scale up or down your campaign anytime you so desire, depending upon the growth of your business. You can get a clear picture of your PPC marketing campaign at any point in time


Customizable marketing campaign

At Promanage IT Solutions, we have qualified professionals having complete knowledge about PPC marketing. They will study the nature and requirements of your business to design a totally customized PPC campaign that saves your money and brings a high return on investment.


If you feel that you are falling behind your competitors and not receiving the desired traffic on your website, it is high time you made an investment into your business by using our highly effective PPC marketing services.


PPC marketing services from Promanage IT Solutions


  •       Research and analysis of keywords
  •       Optimization of conversion on the landing page
  •       A/B split testing
  •       PPC on social media
  •       PPC for local advertising
  •       Amazon PPC
  •       Remarketing PPC


Why choose Promanage IT Solutions for PPC marketing?

We specialize in PPC marketing and are regarded as leaders in paid advertising. We are committed to the goals of the clients and have helped hundreds of clients in diverse industries through our PPC marketing campaigns. We are Google Premium Partners with certified PPC specialists to give guaranteed results to our clients.


Why you should consider PPC spending as an investment into your business

Studies have shown that visitors arriving on the websites of businesses through PPC marketing are 50% more likely to make a purchase than those who have arrived through SEO. Nearly 75 out of a hundred people accept that these ads thrown at them by Google help them in finding the products and services they are looking for easily. With more than 2 billion individuals around the globe searching for things online, PPC is indeed a wise investment into your business.